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Quad Biking in Palmeraie 

Quad palmeraie Marrakech from hiking with friends or family to the sports circuit, we offer another way to discover the regions of Marrakech. Accompanied by a professional confirmed, you choose among our services the one that suits you best, hiking 2 hours of ride


1h Camel Ride in Marrakech

Caspian Tours offers tours and treks by camel and invites you to discover Marrakech and contemplate the

Join us for this relaxing activity on the edge of the Red City, between stone desert and palm trees

Companions of desert inhabitants since ever, the camels are unique animals.

Quiet and pleasant, you can meet them with your welcoming camel guides.

This ride is ideal with friends or family, so do not delay a ride camel is one of the cool thing to do at least once in his life!


Chez Ali Marrakech

The Arabian Nights Complex", Chez Ali offers a show dinner under Berber tents in a haunting atmosphere with, among others, dancers, acrobats, horse riders, fireworks, folk music ...Over the years, his fame has traveled the world and is now a must visit during a stay in Marrakech.The atmosphere is magical and we dive quickly into another world ...The meal, very rich consists of a méchoui and various traditional dishes.The dishes are brought to your table, musicians and dancers passing from time to time.Then the fantasia, properly speaking, begins with parade of artists: riders, dancers ...